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The Steel Beam 

The Steel Beam sometimes referred to as an "I Beam", is the centerpiece of our company logo. Before the invention of The Steel Beam, the construction of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure, in our nation and around the world, was restrained by the limitations of wood-frame construction. 

The introduction of The Steel Beam with its superior structural properties directly resulted in a quantum leap in construction technology. No other product in construction history is as integral to the growth and development of buildings, cities, infrastructure and the overall economic prosperity and advancement of the 20th Century as is The Steel Beam.

The significance of The Steel Beam in real estate and construction cannot be over-stated. Without it, it is a fair question to ponder, if the world you see outside of your window would exist as it does today.The proliferation of The Steel Beam supported the greatest productive achievements of civilization. It has allowed structures to reach heights never before possible. It has allowed bridges to span previously inconceivable distances. 

As you read this today, whether you are sitting in a single family home, loft apartment, office building, or sky-scraping high-rise, you are almost certainly being supported by the structural foundation provided by a Steel Beam. If you traveled by vehicle today, you almost certainly relied on the strength of a Steel Beam at some point on your journey.  For all that The Steel Beam has made possible, as you read this today, the heights to which The Steel Beam can take buildings has yet to be discovered!!!  The possibilities are endless.  
These characteristics of The Steel Beam parallel the work product of Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting.  We bring innovation to the real estate and reserve study industry.  Our superior product and service takes reserve analysis to never previously achieved levels.  Our studies will be a powerful and reliable foundation of your real estate's sustainability for the future. 

The Steel Beam: Strong, Trusted, Powerful and Proven… Just like us!

Men at work 1932 Rockefeller center nyc

This iconic photograph was taken in 1932 during construction of The RCA building at the Rockefeller Center in New York City