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Protecting You, Your Investment, and Your Quality of Life

Volunteering on your association board does not come with a big paycheck.  

You serve on your association board because you want to protect what may be your largest investment. Your home.

More than just an asset, your home provides the setting where you and your family live, rest, and eat.  It is the place you keep your personal possessions safe.  It is the place you relax and entertain yourself and others.  A comfortable home, large or small, is the place the things that are important to you exist.  For many associations "home" also includes many other amenities outside of your personal space like roads, clubhouses, pools, and limitless numbers of other assets.  

For all of these reasons, you donate your valuable time to serve on your association board.  You serve to protect your investment.  You serve to protect your quality of life.  Your service protects your neighbors investment and quality of life as well.    

In consideration of your service to your association, it is a reasonable expectation that you deserve protection as well.  It is a reasonable expectation that your association utilize the services of professional service providers to mitigate the personal time you must devote to association business.  

Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting will protect you, your investment, and your quality of life through superior service and superior reserve studies.  Maintaining your association's common property is a critical role of the board of directors.  In addition to helping set association fees, budget, and prioritize future projects, A reserve study from an experienced reserve provider demonstrates your due diligence and reasonable care to plan for the replacement of your association's common property in perpetuity.  This "best practice" in association business protects you from claims of mismanagement and minimizes potential for future liability.  Your service to your community shouldn't expose you to future legal jeopardy.  In addition, the accuracy of your reserve study is equally important to make sure that, to the greatest extent possible, what you receive on paper (or electronically) in a reserve study is representative of what your unique association will actually encounter.  A reserve study from a less experienced provider who relies on average useful lives and generalized replacement costs will leave you exposed.  

Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting has 25 years of combined reserve study experience and 44 years of combined engineering and construction experience.  Be wary of firms who claim to utilize "engineers".  Recent college graduates with an "engineering degree" or "Engineers in Training" do not have the level of experience to deliver truly custom reserve studies with genuine money saving recommendations.  Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting employs one of the industries most experienced licensed Professional Engineers (PE) with 14 years of reserve study experience and an additional 7 years of engineering and construction experience including on-site forensic engineering analysis.