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Serving your unique needs

Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting has unique experience with Country Clubs, City Clubs, Yacht Clubs, and similar facilities.

We understand the unique nature of this industry.  We understand the evolution of the club industry and the challenges that you face.  We understand how you use capital reserve studies differently than, for example, condominiums and other types of property.  You need the best analysis, but you also need a business partner that understands that, not only your club business, but the high standards of comfort and satisfaction your members and their guests are accustom need to be maintained throughout our on-site inspection.  Moreover, we understand the world-class service you provide to your members and guests requires your facility, from building envelope, to mechanical systems, and aesthetics be in world-class condition.  

Only the most experienced of capital reserve analysts can provide you the confidence that your asset evaluation will be exhaustive AND accurate.  Oversights and omissions could mean disruption of service to your members and guests. For example:  If your capital reserve analyst improperly gauges the remaining useful life of your clubhouse roof, it could mean a white bucket in the middle of the dance floor catching rain during a wedding.