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Experience matters!

As is the case with High Rise buildings, mid-rise, loft buildings and condominiums are also complex structures.  An accurate analysis of these properties requires an individual with knowledge of the unique issues mid-rise structures may experience at every stage of their life-cycle.  

If we have the opportunity to be a resource for your building, you are guaranteed the most experienced and dedicated reserve analyst on this type of property.  Justin J. Maier PE RS, has 14 years of experience with hundreds and hundreds of mid rises.  You will receive the service, commitment, and expertise that only a partner in the firm conducting your study can deliver.Whether its an early 20th century vintage building, conversion from industrial use to residential, or conversion from apartment to condominium, we have experience with buildings of every age and through our vast experience have the knowledge gathered from personally evaluating buildings over a period of time.  

We have conducted studies for new construction, and then returned several times over the course of the past 14 years to see the same buildings age "first hand".  We have observed buildings that were 50 years old during our first inspection age to 65 years old.  We have been a resource for clients as they were undertaking replacements of elements like wiring and plumbing that were previously "long lived" elements not included in other studies.  

The knowledge we have gained evaluating buildings of every age and type of construction and seeing them "age" allows us to deliver a superior reserve study that delivers projections and recommendations for your property far beyond anything you've seen in a reserve study before.  Furthermore, included with every study is our proprietary "Critical Property Review".  Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone 888-688-4560 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so we can share specific examples with you.  Our exceptional skillset with mid rise and loft properties will give you the confidence that we are the best resource for your properties analysis.