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Expert Inspection, Custom Analysis, Superior Report

Generally speaking, "townhome" style buildings include the category of architecture in which individual units, often organized in rows or clusters, have entrances that open directly to the outside air.  

Accurate capital reserve analysis of townhomes requires both experience and diligence.

Our superior servicing of townhome properties begins with an accurate determination of the elements to be included in the analysis.  Property elements that need to be included vary greatly from one property to the next.  While a particular association may reserve funds for, and undertake projects like, roof or siding replacement, other associations may leave funding and contracting for roof and/or siding replacement to individual homeowners.  The necessity to include other items like light fixtures or windows and doors can also vary association to association.  

Our experience with thousands of townhome properties affords us the ability to, during the proposal process, provide expert consulting to you and arrive at the correct component inventory to be included in your study.  Without a comprehensive and accurate determination of elements to be included, a study is flawed before it even begins.  Some properties have reserveable components on their property that they are not aware of.  While our licensed professional engineer inspects your property, we will note any previously unlisted study components and dialogue with you to determine if they should be included.  If inclusion is warranted, we will include them at no additional cost in your study.

In addition to the most accurate reserve study, we include Superior Reserve's exclusive complimentary "Critical Property Review" with every report.  This proprietary Critical Property Review includes money-saving information and advice that only our licensed professional engineer with 18 years of reserve study and forensic building engineering experience can discover.  

If we can be an expert resource for your association, consider requesting a proposal using the form on the left of this page or giving us a call!  Have more questions?  Be welcome to call 888-688-4560 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.